Donors & Funding- Research Post 1

“Students Sue George Mason Over Koch Brother Donation Records” -Washington Business Journal

This article that I am using for my Donors and Funding Research is written by Tina Reed, a staff reporter from the Washington Business Journal. The article informs the public that the students at George Mason University are suing the university due to the controversy of the it’s popular donors, The Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers are an huge part of donations here at George Mason University, and my research on Donors and Funding mostly revolves around the Brothers. The article gives me financial statistics of all the money the Koch Brothers have donated, and their main controversy of how students fear that the Brothers’ conservative views will affect student research, policies, and many other academic freedoms. The writer also implements how the Koch Brothers have also caused controversy at other universities along the east coast. As a researcher I plan to look into the different places the Koch Brother’s money goes into compared to George Mason, and look more into the court case, which as of today is more public and more deep into Mason’s donor history.


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