Donors & Funding- Research Post 2

“The Donation That Renamed George Mason’s Law School After Scalia Sure Has Some Weird Rules Attached” – The Washingtonian 

This article that I have chosen to use in my research on donors and funding at George Mason University is written by Benjamin Freed of the Washingtonian.  The article was published in May of last year, still making it pretty recent, and talks about the huge controversy of naming George Mason’s Law School after the late supreme court judge Antonin Scalia. Like the Koch Brothers’ controversy, conversative views on a very liberal campus spark conflict. In this case, many students did not want their law school to be named after a judge who did not have similar views of the students, and whose name would be put on their diploma for the rest of their lives. Another main point this article looks into, is the terms and conditions of the law school agreement, which is very odd considering it talks about how the donor must always be informed of the law schools’ changes in dean, policies, etc. I plan to look more closely into the deal and find more on the agreement conditions of the donor.


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