Donors & Funding- Research Post 5

“Justice Kagan Praises Scalia At Ceremony Naming Law School For Him At George Mason”- WJLA (Washington)

This article that I plan to use for my Donors and Funding project is about the basic cover story of the Koch Brothers Controversy and The Antonin Scalia Law School name. Other than talking about the late Justice Scalia, they also go into the surrounding issue of the name change. George Mason University got an anonymous donation of 20 million dollars and students began protesting that the Koch Brothers have major influence on educations and student academics. In return, the administration didn’t comment but just said that students and faculty don’t understand what goes into making huge deal. The donor pressed on the name change as well. I plan to use this article to get the basic public facts about the deal, and use it to talk about what they’re not saying to the public.


Donors & Funding- Research Post 4

“Billionaire’s Role In Hiring Decisions At Florida State University Raises Questions” – Tampa Bay Times

I chose this article to use for my project on Donors and Funding at George Mason University for it’s information on the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers have cause a lot of controversy here at George Mason University, but also at other universities as well. The article dives into the fact that the Koch brothers demand hiring rights in exchange for their donations, as well as to supervise the employees. This strongly resembles the controversy with the Antonin Scalia Law School, in which Koch Brothers have the same privilege. I plan to use the quotes and information from the article and strengthen my case on the Koch Brothers and their effect on the donations at Mason. I also plan to look into Florida States’ Koch Brother agreement. Koch has been funding more and more faculty that share their similar viewpoints and I plan to thoroughly research this in comparison to here at George Mason.